How to get VLC DLNA client working over wireguard (android=yes)(IOS=?)

After setting up dlna server and wireguard server on the router connect to your routers local wifi net (

In VLC select Browse and scroll down and you should see your dlna server (GL-axt1800 DLNA Server).

Select your server and press the star to mark it as a favorite.
your obviously going to need video,music, or pics all in the chosen DLNA subfolder. and test that to verify it works.

Now connect to someone else’s hot spot over wifi from your phone to get to the internet or use a remote access point that is NOT behind the internet gateway of your wireguard server.
(confirmation of no local access to the router)
The VLC app Natively does not scan or network browser over mobile data but rather only when a wifi connection is enabled. It cannot scan to find dlna servers through the vpn during a wifi connection but Since you marked it as a favorite and are connected to a wifi network it knows where to go and works great through the wireguard tunnel.

I tested with Jpgs mp4 and mp3 and it worked great over a cellular hotspot. although the video’s were short,longer ones may require more fine tuning. IDK
can it refresh the dlna file list remotely? Yes
IOS client ?
I was reading about how you can trick the vlc app to not check for wifi connectivity for the desktop client and perhaps there is a parameter so that it might work over mobile data with wireguard for android should it be possible. under settings-advanced-Custom libVLC options. I went searching but can’t find the parameter anymore.

I hope you make out as good as I did and there may be some benefits to an IOS client were a wifi connection is not required.