How to give clients different DHCP options

how do i hand out different DHCP options, i.e. gateways, dns servers to specific clients?
i do it now with pihole and dhcp_custom.conf but i would like to do the DHCP with my GL-AXT1800 but can not figure out how to do it.

on dhcp_custom.conf on my pihole it looks like this example

on the GL-AXT1800 i am even unsure if something like this is possible without further opkg…

thanks in advance

provider1,and VPN is ?

Hi lizh,
these are just the tags to address the different options to clients

You can have a try following steps below.

  1. Open the luci WEB admin panel of GL-AXT1800;
    2.Click network—interface,chose the lan and click Edit;
    3.Chose DHCP Server—Advanced settings,you can input the options according to picture below.

Hello Battista.xie,
thanks for the info. But this looks like normal dhcp scope settings to me. so i configure the options for all clients at once - standard procedure. instead of the standard i need to hand out different dhcp options for different clients based on their mac adress…
any hint on that?

anyone with ideas how to achieve this?

problem solved. bought another device