How to identify the eNodeB

Hello users, any help will be appreciate.
Im working from a day to identify the eNodeB via AT manual commands, but not luck.
The router is a fresh brand new Spitz Ax GL-X3000, and the carrier is Vodafone.
The connection even if powered via external MIMo antennas is instable, and cannot be able to lock on a specified cell that has worked very well via previous router, and after a day retryng wold appreciate a help from the community members.
here the info taken from the service LTE Italy,
via here


LTE Info
B7 B1 B3 B20
11, 12, 13, 31, 32, 33, 41, 42, 43, 51, 52, 53
NR Info

The list of At commands found here seems to not embed the specific command to get the eNodeB (BTS) and to find and lock on a specific PCI an fcn parameters for that specific cell that I've used to get lock for a solid and stable connection with the previous router.

Any help will be really appreciated

Hi, Spitz AX has Tower Lock feature, you can find the cell tower nearby, as shown below:
The second value is the cell ID (in hexadecimal). For LTE, the cell ID length is fixed: cell ID (28 bits)=eNB ID(20 bits)+ sector ID(bits). Here in my example, the eNB ID should be C41E2 (803298 in decimal). In 5G NR mode, the cell ID length is 36 bits, the formula seems more complicated.

Also, you can find the cell ID,PCID and fcn info by the following AT command:

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Hi Cathy we have NSA protocol

thanks alot for your ptompt response, I got after the command

+QENG: "servingcell","NOCONN","LTE","FDD",222,10,1001233,414,3025,7,4,4,8106,-99,-15,-64,9,4,100,-


But result do not meet with the cells ID that I think I have been lock


now the next step the tool on the interface.

The results of the cell lock via interface give after a while a list of towers 5G compatible'''

but when I lock one of the cells with the best signal the router goes offline and the cellular goes offline, so no internet.

Then after to unlock the cell locked seconds before, the previous connection that was four bar 5G goes definitively 4G

To get the router works again I must restart to have again 5G NSA

It is possible to explain ho to lock to a specific PCI/ PLMN that I've done previously via a Zyxel NR5130E and via script/hack?
It is possible to know why when I try to lock a specific 5G five bars signal the router goes definitively offline?

What I do wrong?

Many thanks for your patience.


Sorry deleted for mistake Cathy.

After to has spent an entire day to get again 5G NSA I am frustrated and now the routee sees 5 g towers but goes only 4G not even 4G+.
Returned to the old solid B535 4G modem
Thanks so much for the support maybe that Spitz Ax is not for me.

Neither of these two are Vadofone's cell tower. That's why you lost the internet connection when locked to them.
Can you connect to Vodafone 5G on your mobile phone or on solid B535 4G modem?
We can have a remote check through Goodcloud if you agree.
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