How to increase Uplad Speed - GL-AR750S-EXT Slate


I am using my GL-AR750S-EXT Slate travel router. As this will be a sub router to a main router, how to I increase the upload speed? The upload speeds are significanlty lower going through the GL-AR750S-EXT Slate than directly through the main router. Everything is wired NOT wifi.

So what is the speed?

What is the firmware version?

Can you check the router’s web panel->client and find if you have “real-time data statistics” enabled? If yes disable it.

The firmware is 3.12

Real-time data is disabled.

Not going through the slate upload: 50mbps download: 12mbs via the slate download: 30mbps upload 1.9mbps

The speed is low. But for such a low number I don’t see there is a reason for Slate to make a trouble.

Maybe you can give details of how you test the speed.

I have attached my home streaming network. All switches re unmanaged - dumb switches. GL.Net serves up IP Addresses on subnet The Bell modem is now Starlink.

First test was with this setup. Download: 30mbps Upload: 1.9mbps

Second test was plugging the laptop ( directly into the Netgear swtich. Download: 50 mbps Upload: 12 mbps

Third test was to plugging in the laptop ( into the GL.Net router (bypassing the HP Switch - which is now another Netgear switch). Download: 30 mbps Upload:: 1.9 mbps

Very nice diagram.

Definitely something not normal. You don’t have vpn etc right?

Does starlink require a correct mtu setting?

No VPN is installed or used in the system

One cannot set MTU level with Starlink. It is a closed modem/router system

So needless to say, I can not stream with 1.9 mbps upload. I bought the GL.Net Slate for the ease of putting in a live streaming box so I can plug into it and have my own subnet to live stream from.

The idea came from this setup:

I am not doing any port forwarding or anything like that. Is it possible I got a dud Slate?

Any thoughts on why the upload is so slow via the GL-AR750S-EXT Slate travel router?

I definitely get higher upload speeds on my GL-AR750S-EXT running Firmware 3.203, even with WWAN as wifi Repeater.

Things you can try:

  1. Test speed when connected to Bell Router with WWAN as wifi Repeater.
  2. Reset the router to factory condition and reconfigure it from scratch
  3. Upgrade/downgrade the router firmware version
  4. Change Ethernet cables
  5. Change port on Netgear Switch

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Sorry I have no idea.

Maybe just reset the router firmware and set up again?

I tried all the above mentioned but no winning fix.