How to install CUPS if package is not found?


I’ve recently bought a GL-MT300N-V2 router. I haven’t modified the pre-installed firmware, except of upgrading to latest version (v
Now I would like to setup the router in order to use an USB-printer with it. I’ve already found this instruction: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

But my problem is: CUPS package is not found.
Do I need to flash the existing firmware in order to install CUPS?

Thanks for any hints!

I checked and seems cups is not in LEDE 17.01.

Not sure why.

Thanks for your answer.

This is what I’ve found as well.
Is there a way to install CUPS from an older package?
Or do I have to flash the existing firmware with an older one?
Which one would you recommend?

For MT300N V2 we only have LEDE 17.01 version. There is no way to install from an older version as the toolchain was changed.

You can try to compile your own firmware and add cups.

Now AR750 is offically in newest Openwrt (LEDE). ar71xx: add support for GL.iNet GL-AR750 · openwrt/openwrt@2e5252d · GitHub

Okay, thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I don’t have the right software tools in order to compile my own firmware.

Maybe I can find an existing package …