How to install OpenWrt on Flint2?

Could someone who is familiar with flashing Vanilla OpenWRT onto this router possibly make a guide or youtube video of how to do it, and maybe add one of the themes to it, I do have some WinSct and putty experience, but not much, im getting a bit fed up now of all these disconnects, my PC is hardwired to the flint 2, and it makes it a nightmare in online gaming when the LAN decides to randomly disconnect and re-connect, im seriously considering just going back to my stock ISP router and add access points in around the house.

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If you know how to use putty and ssh in your server its really easy :slight_smile:

  1. first download the snapshot from OpenWrt, always use the sysupgrade one, and upload it to the router via the gl-inet ui and make sure to not keep settings.

  2. mean time wait a little, you could renew dhcp with ipconfig /renew

  3. you can use putty and connect to port 22, then you see Login: type root and press enter.

  4. now if you know you got internet you can use opkg update this fetches the packages list, and opkg install luci-ssl installs luci with ssl support.

4.1) if you need to add special requirements from the isp you can configure them here: cd /etc/config/ this brings you to the configuration folder, then you can use ls to list files, and vi network to edit the network file, if you press ins/insert key on your keyboard you get into edit mode you can use the arrow keys to navigate, by pressing esc you return to normal mode, only in normal mode you can quit or save, you press : and type wq to save it by pressing enter, and : and type q to quit, q! to force quit.

Also a tip ^, if you are familar with filezilla type of programs you can instead of using putty, winscp, if you select the protocol scp and port 22, its similar as ftp how it works.

Just a note: for OpenWrt snapshots the packages are only compatible for the time being, meaning if they build a new snapshot and you wish to install a package later this will no longer work due to kernel differences/package mismatches, so i strongly advise to install all you need.

i hope it helps a bit :wink:


YESSSSSS, thank you so much, I thought id killed it as it wouldnt download any packages, it must of still been setting itself up in the background, but now im in so thank you very much for this, it was dead easy, but anything new and unfamiliar is always a worry, I dont want to mess to much with it, I just really want a working router that doesnt drop connections every 5 mins.

Do you have any insight how to add the themes to Luci ?

im just in Luci now configuring the Wifi and country etc.

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You will find themes by searching for luci-theme in the packages. See here

But be aware that the GL GUI isn’t a theme. You can’t run it.


Thank you, its actually the Argon theme that caught my eye that im after and might make Luci a little easier to navigate.


After ive set up the wifi radios and disabled IPV6, installed my theme, is there anything else I need to configure in openwrt, or can I just live with the default settings for things like firewall ? the Flint 2 is my one and only router in the house, there are no other AP’s or anything.

How do I rename the devices connected, ie rather than just seeing the mac and ip addresses, how can I change the name to something im more familiar with.

normally you should be fine with just the default settings :+1: , firewall is designed to allow anything from source to wan (the internet), but not directly from the internet to you.

basicly what happens is, if your device talks the other devices on the internet can reply on the same line and this allows the access this is how every traditional firewall works :slight_smile:

the only thing you must know is when you want to do more advanced things, like adding another local network interface the default firewall rule for newly created zones will have the input set to reject, this should be set to accept then only on the newly created zone.

also if you want to disable ping from the outside you can uncheck the checkbox inside the firewall->firewall rules (tab) there is a rule for icmp or ping :wink:

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How did you manage to install the Argon theme? Tried adding software via Luci but I have no “software tab” within the system menu for some reason! I am all very new to this thing by the way.

You have to add argon.config as well to get the settings tab for argon…

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I used WinSCP and Putty

first using putty opkg update && opkg install luci-compat luci-lib-ipkg

next go to fantastic-feeds v2.2 Latest

third Download and install
fantastic-feeds v2.2 .ipk

I log into my router with WinSCP and copied FF.ipk to the tmp directory on the router (drag and drop), then using putty execute the command opkg install /tmp/fantasic-feeds_2.2-2024-02-11_all.ipk

then using putty opkg update && opkg install luci-theme-argon luci-app-argon-config