How to install Private Internet Access on GL-MT300n with openWRT…HELP! :)

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Hi everyone. First time poster and not very technically proficient :slight_smile: I have an MT300n running the default firmware from GLI and would like install Private Internet Access (PIA). Does anyone know of an easy to follow how-to tutorial? Or someplace (or someone) who can shed light on how to get PIA installed and working with the MT300.

If unable to install and run PIA, are there any step by step instructions to configure the router to run the SmartVPN? They have many tutorials on the Unlocator website for configuring various models but unfortunately the MT300 is not listed. Here is a link to their set-up guides: Setup Guides - Unlocator Perhaps you could provide guidance on configuring the router to work with Unlocator.

I will be traveling abroad and out of the U.S. for most of this year and would like to have a solution to stream Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. via ROKU while abroad without any geo restrictions. Or, if you have another solution that will work just as effectively I am open to that as well.

Hope this wasn’t too long :slight_smile: Many thanks in advance for any and all help!


The beauty of these routers is that nearly everything is done for you - what you want to do is a piece of cake:

The only thing you need is the PIA ovpn file (keep it zipped) and your user-name and password.

One further thing, it’s best to edit out the line “auth-nocache” in the UDP files (found inside the before uploading them, otherwise you (might) get dis-connect issues.

Wow! THANK YOU for the speedy response! Ok, this looks simple. Can you tell me where to locate the file for PIA that will work with my router? Thanks again!

I had a quick look and they don’t appear to have the “auth-nocache” line, so you can ignore my previous post

THANK YOU Glitch! You are a life saver. And two more questions: How would you go about testing to find out if the VPN is running properly on the router? and how do I toggle PIA off and on once installed?

Have a look at the OpenVpn menu in the GUI and it should be obvious.
Also, PIA has it’s own testing tools:

DNS leak test, IP check etc.


For you own security, I suggest you read the forums here and also at PIA - the give you a lot of tips for staying “safe”.