How to limit the repeater upload speed (not per client) on the Beryl AX

I wonder if there's a way to limit the repeater upload speed on the Beryl AX.

I'm familiar with the client-specific setting to Limit Speed, but the issue with that is that if I have 10 devices limited to e.g 1mbps upload speed, the repeater can still upload the total 10mbps.

I need to limit the total output bandwidth on the WiFi repeater.

Is there a way?

Probably can be controlled to limit Beryl from the upper router.

That's true, but I don't have access to it.
My issue is the upper router is killing the WiFi client connection when uploading over Xmbps, so I need to put the bottleneck on my side in the AX

Try the plugin 'SQM', it can limit the specified interface you want.

Before enable the SQM, please disable the 'Network Acceleration' from NETWORK in the Admin panel.

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