HOW-TO: Mango (GL-MT300N-V2): Setting up a Huawei e3372h-607 USB LTE/4G Modem

Hi guys.
I post this for any people that needs to use Huawei e3372h-607 in GL-iNet routers.

I read some forums about the two versions of this USB LTE/4G Modem.

One version “Hilink” firmware (version numbers 22.x) that come with the Hilink firmware seem to carry the model code E3372h-xxx.dongle

And the other version “Stick” firmware (version numbers 21.x). Sticks that come with the stick firmware seem to carry the model code E3372s-xxx

In many post says that you need to change the firmware to use in stick version, but it’s not necessary follows this steps:

1 - Access to the modem connect to windows and go to
2 - Go to Config->system->DHCP and change de default IP to, leave DHCP enable and apply changes
3 - Go to and put in DMZ and enable, because we need to do direct NAT to the router. (Config->Security->DMZ), apply changes.
4- When apply changes reboot the modem and check that’s all changes are OK.
5 - Unplug the modem and plugin in to the USB port of the router.
6 - Goto Luci (Menu->More settings->advanced)
7 - The modern firmware of Gl-iNet needs to need CDC drivers in OpenWRT if not, you need to install for the kernel detect CDC hardware. This modules are: kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether and usb-modeswitch. Check if are install in Openwrt. If not you need to install it.
8 - Test if CDC modem its avaliable viewing DEMSG (kernel logs) Status->KernelLog that show similar to this: cdc_ether 1-1:1.0 eth1: register ‘cdc_ether’ at usb-101c0000.ehci-1, CDC Ethernet Device. If not you need to install the two module related in previously point.
9 - When the kernel has access to CDC ethernet interface, now you need to know the interface associated to the CDC, you can view in the example that its “eth1
10 - Go to Network->Interfaces in luci
11 - Add eth1 as a new interface as follows: Click Add new interface, Put the name of the interface for example “eth1”, in protocol select DHCP, check bridge mode enable and in interface options select Ethernet Adapter eth1, click in create interface.
12 - In the next page we need to assign correct rules in firewall tab to create / assign firewall-zone to WAN and apply changes.
13 - Reboot the router and checks in luci, go to the network eth1, that’s checks the ip assign to the router by DHCP, its important for correct NAT/DMZ.

One important question is that’s in the home page of router you cant view your internet connection, but runs fine for me.

Thanks to this forum to get me the way to successful use this modem.

You can use together the 4G modem in windows and in some routers that have CDC drivers.

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Thank you for sharing.

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