How to merge/bridge radios (to get a single ssid)?

On my Linksys WRT32X, it has both bands - 2.4ghz and 5ghz - but only one ssid shows up in the connect-to-WiFi dialogue on devices.

On my Slate, both radios show up separately.

How can I merge both radio bands on my Slate so that they only show up as one ssid, but still using all available lan bandwidth?

i.e.: I know I can get just one ssid to show by simply disabling one of the radios, but then I lose some bandwidth so would rather merge/bridge them if it’s possible.


removing post because i’m bored and answering anything…even if its wrong.

You just have to name the 2 SSID’s the same, for both 2.4 and 5.8 :slight_smile:

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If you do that, how do you know which one you’re connecting to?

The clients are smart enough to choose the correct one. If you are behind a lot of walls, it will connect to 2.4ghz. If you are near by, it will take 5.8ghz. Some clients will swap when the signal levels change. Depends on the device. In windows you can check the wifi status to see which one it connected to, same on a smart phone in wifi info.


Well, I tried it and everything seems to be working. I had to restart a desktop PC to get it to connect. I renamed my 5G to match the 2.4G. Everything is connected to the 2.4G except one Android. Your suggestion helped me simplify my network setup.


This is the best answer forever! This is how it works!


quick suggestion if I may -
since a single SSID for both radios is the common use-case on modern equipment,
isn’t it better to have the default SSIDs to be the same on the gl-inet firmwares?
this would simplify things for users that are not familiar with the subject

On Mudi it is the same SSID for both radios.

As Alfie wrote new routers now have the same SSID, i think that is the way it will be for new products from now on Alfie can confirm, but since old routers already have labels printed and settings set, it’s not ideal to just change it in future firmware for those products, it would cause confusion.

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How about a checkbox on the routers that don’t default to a single SSID?


When using a travel router for ummm travelling, I like to keep both bands seperate, then I can WISP repeat on one band and WLAN on the other to “maximise” bandwidth.

In a more fixed location like home with a wired connection, Mesh with a single SSID or both setting both bands to the same SSID works for me :slight_smile: