How to only count WAN traffic?

I noticed that local network transfers are also counted in the traffic column of the clients tab, and I was wondering if there is a way to only count WAN traffic (there is a monthly data cap imposed by my ISP).

I would probably go to LuCI (Advanced settings), then in Network->Interfaces.

There you can see traffic counters for each interface, including WAN/WWAN.

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When I go there, I get this message:

Network ifname configuration migration
The existing network configuration needs to be changed for LuCI to function properly.

Upon pressing “Continue”, ifname options will get renamed and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration.

Do you know if it is safe to continue or will it mess up my settings? Also, does the interfaces page show per-device usage or just the network usage of each interface as a whole?

Generally it will not mess up the config.

But it only shows interface total.

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Ok thank you - I was unclear about this in the original question but really what I’m looking for is a way to monitor WAN traffic for each device on the network. Is that possible?

Not without further software. But I don’t know which one you could use for that.

Maybe asking in the OpenWrt forums might be smart.

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As @admon said, without any additional software, you’ll be only able to see traffic counters for everything going over the WAN (ie all clients together), on the WAN interface, or all traffic going to a client (ie WAN and local) on the client connection.

Maybe some kind of firewall, using rules not to filter traffic, but to count traffic.

luci-app-nlbwmon looks very promising

Yeah … just had a quick look at it. It might be able to provide what you are looking for. I saw some folks classifying data on a per host basis for a particular interface. So maybe you can run host classification on the WAN interface, and you’ll see which host uses what, which is I think what you are looking for.
Definitely worth a look/try.

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