How to open access only from a specific IP address of the local network?

How to open access admin panel only from a specific IP address of the local network?

Model: GL-MT2500
I would appreciate detailed instructions.

p.s. Since is not encrypted, it is necessary to increase the security for entering the admin panel, as is implemented in most network devices.
This product is great GL-MT2500!

Hello ,
I have the same Problem :slight_smile:

I have the brumme 2 behind my main router (Fritzbox).
Now I have in my network 2 subnet 192.168.2x (Fritzbox) and 192.168.8.x Brume 2.

If I plug a laptop into the Brumme2, I have access to both subnet.

The PCs in 192.168.2x network have no access to the Brume2 network.
The tips here from the forum or elsewhere have not brought me any success.

Routing the Brume2 network in the Fritzbox network failed.
Turning off the DHCP Brumme2 also failed.
Does anyone have a trick?
Thanks a lot

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You need a regular 8-10…and more ethernet router that forwards the ethernet jacks. Typically used in offices to differentiate between departments. Look in online stores.

I’m interested in increasing security specifically for entering the administrative panel from the local network. That is, an example of can enter the settings of the router, the rest of any addresses cannot.

I have 2 switches but we have the same problem that we can’t get to the other subnet

I have changed the port to access router as per default is 80

in /etc/lighttpd

search this

######### Options that are good to be but not neccesary to be changed #######

####### bind to port (default: 80)
server.port = 52123 —for example port number—

Perhaps not correctly expressed. It is only about the local network. That is, access to is required only from the local address, for example For all other local addresses, access is closed. There is no question of external access from the Internet, but only a local network.

Access to Gl.Inet admin panel only from local to and no other addresses.

Perhaps you know how to do it?

Thank you in advance!

this function is present in other routers or network devices, viocameras, etc.

How to implement it on Gl.Inet?

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If you change the port according to your scheme
In firmware
admin panel
no such file

OK sorry. What I said before is not what you want, I see and understand now.

I found a solution in a German forum that helped me to access the Admin Web in my main network.

In the gl inet router, port 80 (TCP) must be opened under firewall - Open Ports Router.
My GL inet router has received the IP 192.168.2.xx from the main network, now I can access the web interface with the IP number.
I hope it helps someone here.
Many thanks for your help.

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