How to prevent leaks between visiting hotel splash page (terms of service) and starting VPN?

A lot of public wifi, such as in hotels, requires you to open a browser, get re-directed to their terms page, and accept the terms of service before the internet connection works. The problem is that once you have accepted the terms, the traffic on your laptop will now be flowing in the clear until you can activate the VPN client on your Gl.iNet device. I’m looking for a way to prevent this.

The only thing I can think of is if there were a web browser client that could be installed on the Gl.iNet router itself which could be used to visit the wifi terms page but I haven’t seen any option for this yet. Is there any solution to this problem?

currently there is no solution. You can install text based browser in the router but generally it is not working so well.

We are still designing a solution to solve this but it is still in early stage.

Drop all the packets from all the clients if you have internet access but no VPN. It would require a deamon process to monitor it all.