How to receive an SMS/text message on Amarok?

For account auth reasons, I need to received a text message from my carrier on my SIM card and don’t have a phone I can use the SIM card with. How can I receive the SMS/text message?

All modems are able to receive messages and forward messages.

Thanks for this. I am on 3.105 from Dec 7 (which I just reinstalled as I was on a build from Dec 27th). I do not have the SMS Forwarding option in my control panel as described in the article you posted.

@alzhao is there a build for the X1200 that has the SMS feature enabled?

I see.

Let me check with engineers. But now everyone is on holiday.

Hi @alzhao any update on this? Still really need to be able to get an SMS message.

Sorry to say that message function is not developed in X1200 because it is complicated. But developers will develop this.

I dug in some more on this and found out that using a series of AT commands it is possible to see and read the list of unread SMS messages.

AT+CMGF=1   //Set format to text
AT+CSCS="GSM"   //Set language to English
AT+CMGL="ALL"   //lists all the messages
AT_CMGR=[index of messages from the list above]  //if needed, look at an individual message
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