How to reload TestFlight version of GLiNet app

I foolishly removed the test version of the GLiNet app from my iPhone. I can’t reload it from TestFlight because the latest version has been removed from there.

The version in the App store (1.2.2) does appear to know about the AXT-1800, but isn’t the same as any of the TestFlight versions I’ve ever used. It doesn’t show any VPN information at all when connected via the cloud.

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This is a bug on the old TestFlight version, it shows incorrect VPN information when connected via the cloud. This information is not obtained from the router.

The old TestFlight version had many bugs and its features have been merged into the new version. So we do not recommend anyone to continue using it.

In addition, we will release new TestFlight version (1.3) within this month. This version supports remote management of VPN. If you are interested, you can try it.

I’m still registered with TestFlight for GLiNet, so I should get the new version automatically when it’s released.