How to remotely monitor irrigation

Hi. I’d like to install wifi enabled irrigation controller in a rental house I own, so that I can remotely change it’s configuration and monitor logs. I’m wondering if a the Opal product can help with this.

The controller (from OpenSprinkler) hosts a web server that one can log into with an all or browser via the same LAN that the controller is on. I’d like to use my tenant’s wifi to access the controller from MY house. But, I don’t want to compromise the tenant’s security.

Is it possible to use a GL router at the rental so that I can log in to the rental controller from my house? (I have an xFinity router at my house.) Could I set up a VPN to do this? Would it work if the tenant’s router doesn’t have a static IP address on the providers side. (Mine doesn’t either.)


Pls check if you xFinity give you public IP. It can be dynamc and you can use ddns.
Then you can set up vpn server in your rental house.