How to remove SIM on GL-XE300

SIM went in (thankfully the correct way around) and works correctly, as I’m able to get a signal and can send/receive data.
But how do I get the SIM out again. There’s normally a spring-loaded catch that pushes it out when you need to remove it, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.
Hopefully I’m not going to have to change it, but you never know.


Yes, it’s like a normal SIM insertion. You need to press it in with your fingernail or something similar and it should pop out enough to remove.

That’s the problem. It doesn’t.


It is push in and push out.

If you use a SIM card which is too think, it may stuck. This happens sometimes, especially for those Nano SIM card cut from Mini or Micro SIM.

So, you may need a needle or pin to help to get it out.