How to route a device traffic to wireguard client connected to my WG server

I have a WG server and a client connected to it. Devices connected from client are able to route traffic through server but I am looking to make a device connected to my server use the client as gateway.

Please guide

  • WG client:
  1. VPN Dashboard - turn on “Allow Remote Access LAN”


  • WG server:
  1. VPN Dashboard - Route Rule
    Add a route rule for traffic to the wgclient LAN via the wg client tunnel IP. Please note the red notes.

  1. Then toggle wg server(off and on).

Thanks much for ur response hansome.
My WG_server IP is and from my devices, I am now able to ping WG_client IP and open it in browser from WGserver router. Can you now guide me on how to route one of the devices connected to to use as gateway? Thanks in advance

I assume your PC has IP server network), and you want to set client network) as PC gateway. But gateway should be the same subnet with clients, so I think that’s not possible.

Why do you need that?

Though is my WGclient, I want some devices to use that ISP instead of ISP on Can it be done with manual routing for those specific devices?

Swaping wgclient and wgserver should fit your requierment.

That is what I initially thought but some devices on the client side also have same requirement. would be great if we can make this work.

I used OpenVPN in P2P mode earlier with MWAN3 routing traffic based on device but that’s not very efficient.

Interesting setup. I’ll investigate it later.

Do you have a reference tutorial to configure this?