How to route all traffic through a SOCKS proxy?

I just got a GL-AR300M and I’d like to use it to route traffic from all the wifi clients through a SOCKS proxy on the device it’s USB tethering to. It looks like there used to be a glinet-maintained shadowsocks plugin to do this but it’s not around any more. I’ve tried installing shadowsocks in luci but haven’t had any luck getting the tunneling setup to work properly.

Anyone have a working setup, or tips on how to get to one? Or another tool that would accomplish the same job via a similar protocol like SSTP (I’m trying Android apps like EveryProxy and SecureTether)


Can you give more details? If I understand you correctly, your SHADOW router is connected to the Internet through a USB dongle. Then, why do you need a SOCKS proxy? Can’t you create a static route?

I just remembered that you can install openssh-client and run it in a SOCKS5 mode.

just remember to modify the firewall rules to allow your WiFi clients to access the Internet through the SSH socks.