How to secure router access?

I have a Brume and I’m trying to secure the access, which means disabling HTTP and using only HTTPS. I have HTTPS working fine (using L-E cert), but how can I (a) redirect port 80 to 443 and (b) disable port 83 ?

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@alzhao Can you guys please provide lighttpd-mod-redirect for brume and spitz so a redirect from http to https can be done cleanly? Thanks!

I just checked and I have lighttpd-mod-redirect for Brume. Firmware 3.211. Can you pls check.

For port 83 you can just remove this file /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/10-port.conf

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You’re right about mod-redirect! I don’t know where my eyes were… Thanks for responding!

WRT 10-port.conf it’s not as easy as deleting it. That causes the start-up to fail because /etc/init.d/lighttpd tries to edit that file. Pretty ugly IMHO… I ended up editing that file too, but all this will come to bite me again at the next upgrade. Would be nice to be able to secure the router more cleanly!

We are removing this port config.

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