How to set the fan temperature?

I have the new Slate AX router.

But it gets hot and I want to change the temperature when the fan is activated.

At the bottom of this thread that discusses various ways of changing that setting there is a comment from GL-inet staff saying that “temperature control is available in firmware 4.1” and therefore they locked the thread from further comments.

So can anyone tell me the new and correct way of setting the fan temperature? Do I copy some of the commands in that thread (which one?) or do something else now? I can’t find it in the UI so I think that means I have to use some commands.

Would love to get a definitive answer and idiots guide to fix this thanks.

P.S. I am using MacOS. So if I have to use those commands can I do it through Terminal?

Hey meow,

No need for commands anymore. You can do it through the web interface. Go to “System” > “Overview” and then click on the little fan icon on the top right. Here’s how it looks on my phone:

Hope that helps.


Thanks, that’s what I wanted. But also 70c is still very hot. Anyway to make it lower?

70℃ is pretty stable for electronic devices.

Search for fan in the forum and you will find some codes. Please note, however, that if you set the temperature lower, we cannot guarantee the life of the fan.