How to set the FTP user's home folder to attached USB drive?

Hi all,

I have vsftpd-tls installed. I have edited /etc/vsftpd.conf so that listen=YES.

I can connect via anonymous FTP, but, when I arrive in my file explorer / ftp client, the folder is empty.

I have 2 x Hard Drives running as Samba Shares via a powered hub. This works well. But, I want one of them to be the FTP user’s home folder, so when I ftp in, I can see the hard drive.

So I’m trying to figuire out how do do this. Does anyone know the steps to do this?

Thank you

I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but it seems to require a bit more configuration, or there are other file read and write permissions, I suggest you don’t use tls yet, tls can be added when you have more experience with this issue.