How to set up Sky on GL.iNet routers?

Hey all. I posted the below also on the OpenWrt forum to see if anyone there could also help. Posting it here too! Any help would be great as I’m stuck!

I have FTTC with Now Broadband (Sky) in the UK, the box is shocking in regards to range, so I would like to try and get my GL.iNet router to work if possible? Has anyone managed to do this?

I have a GL.iNet travel router which I am trying to set up GL-SFT1200 / Opal - GL.iNet
I’m hoping that if I can find a way to make this work then I can go out and by there now home wifi 6 box that I also like the look of.
Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) | High-Performance VPN Router - GL.iNet
I would like to ideally stick with this brand of router as from a cost to features perspective they are really good, like being able to use my VPN client wire guard on it mostly and Ad guard home plug in.

I connected a white BT open reach modem to the below and everything lit up correctly but no internet as could not connect to the sky infrastructure (probably as no option 60/61?)

I understand the complications that come with getting Sky to work on other routers as it’s my understanding they use DHCP option 60/61?

I really hope someone can help me as I am running out of places to look online.
I have done a search on here and also on the GL.iNet forums and found pieces of information but I am struggling!

These routers use OpenWrt so hoping someone here can help me out? If I can’t do it then I may have to look at another provider who does not use this stupid connection method!

Many Thanks in advance!

I can guide you a little but i have not the settings nor knowledge of your isp :slight_smile:

Lets explain the options and which ones reflect OpenWrt settings so you do not need to push them via the dhcp server like you normally would do to push options like dns over lan, this works different.

Option 60 translates into vendor class, if you go to wan and edit this in one of these tabs you got vendor class this is the option you want, often vendor class gets used for device authentication, if this info is not known it might be possible to get it via wireshark or contacting isp i would just contact them, i found myself many times some data to be dated for isps.

Option 61 translates into client id, this is also inside the same options tab inside the wan interface like option 60.

Now you also want to clone the mac address of your original isp modem just in case to avoid a temporary hold of your internet some isps can limit you how many isp modems are allowed to connect.

I hope it was still a bit helpfull although im very limited because i do not use the same isp :slight_smile:, you may also need to setup pppoe or iPoE, in my country isps often have a page with old data which protocols you need and which not perhaps the same counts for yours :+1:

Also you can only do this via CLI or in luci web ui, its in luci → network → interfaces → wan (edit button)

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If your have a small box ONT from sky then you could ask sky provider for Pppoe account to direct gl-inet router (suitable flint 2).

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