How to setup MT300N as a wireless bridge (convert wifi to ethernet)



Just got the MT300N and can’t quite figure out how to simply setup to wireless bridge so that I can take my phone’s hotspot wifi signal, convert it to Ethernet, and feed that into my home network’s router.

MT300N would take the wifi signal from my phone, and convert it to ethernet that I could connect to my router, which would then feed all the ethernet devices at home.


Can anyone walk me through it step by step. ? Thanks.


So you want:

Phone (Hotspot) <— wireless ----> (WWAN) MT300N (LAN) <---- cable ----> Home Router <----> Clients

You may not really need the home router, at least to act as a router, maybe just as a switch. The MT300N can do that, and a switch off the LAN may be all you need.

What is the home router? What is the client environment? Is this to supplement or in place of a traditional ISP?

maybe you mean this:!mini/

It’s an experiment to see if I can replace my ISP with my unlimited data plan. The home router is a TPLINK n600. The clients are several ethernet wired computers, some wireless tablets and phones, a Tivo (ethernet), Fire TV stick (wireless). I also have a ethernet switch that provides more ethernet options and the switch is connected to the router.


to <span style=“color: #eb4b00; font-family: source_sans_proregular, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; line-height: 22px; background-color: #f9f9f9;”>alzhao, if I hard tether my phone to the MT300, will it get power from the MT300 USB port? Otherwise, I need to tether it wirelessly, as it will need to be plugged in. Also, wireless tether is easier not to have to plug/unplug phone. </span>


I want to do this: phone (hotspot wifi signal) >>wireless>>WWAN MT300N>>ethernet cable>>>TPlink N600 home router>>wired and wireless clients


Thanks for the help.



I think it is easier to tether using USB. Yes, the router will charge your phone so that it will not drain its battery.

I have an iPhone, can not speak to android. My iPhone has a “Personal Hotspot” mode which, when enabled, makes it appear like your basic wireless network on a wireless scan from the router. Not sure if the availability of this function is carrier related (AT&T in US)

When you refer to wireless tethering I am not sure if you mean this personal hotspot or something else.

I have setup an AR 150 for “tethering” with the USB cable. Requires some packages and is covered in another post. My notes indicate problems (V2.13, it cut in and out) though I do not recall. It was not until later that I learned I could use the “Personal Hotspot”, and for travel this became a no brainier (no cables).

If you are leaving it setup, then it may be a different story. I never did a speed test between the two, though tend to think anything connected by cable should be better.

If you are in the US, check your plans fine print. I suspect that all throttle data after some point. I am of the opinion you need about 6Mbps to get a good quality stream for a uninterrupted HQ video (based on Youtube) and on 4g you will probably get about 20 max.

I would probably plug the GLi LAN Ethernet right into your switch and then unplug the router from same. Get the n600 out of the equation. You should not need it and I do not think it will be a fair test. BTW, is the n600 stock or OpenWrt (I assume it’s really a tl-wdr3600)

What I would really like to do is to use the MT300N to take the wireless network put out by my phone’s hotspot, and convert it to ethernet to plug into my router. Wireless to ethernet bridge. That would allow me to still use my phone as a phone without it being plugged in to the MT300N. How would I do that? Do I use WDS or WISP repeating? or is there another way to do it? The N600 is stock I think.


As I said, I do not know what android has. Enable the hotspot on your phone.

Using the router in standard router mode (no specific config) in GLi GUI click settings in the upper left.

From the menu, choose WAN settings

A window will open. Choose the “REPEATER” tab. A scan will be performed and you can see the results in the drop down. Select your PHONEs hotspot.

Enter creds followed by submit.

DOCS: Overview - GL.iNet Docs

I think you want to plug the GLi LAN into the N600 WAN, not the LAN.

The LAN (ethernet) and WWAN I think are bridged by default.


Thanks @RangerZ.

Yes, you should use WISP repeater mode.

One thing @RangerZ is not correct, you should connect your computer to the LAN port. In repeater mode, LAN and repeater wifi is not bridged.

I am in a hotel,is there a way to change the wifi icon on the bottom by the time to be hard wired icon?

What do you mean ???