How to setup Reboot Schedule on GL-iNet routers?

This post is to intruduce the Reboot schedule function based on 4.X firmware.

Supported models

Router Model Stable Beta
GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) -
GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) -
GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) -
GL-X3000 (Spitx AX) -
GL-AX1800 (Flint) -
GL-MT2500 (Brume 2) -
GL-AR300M (shadow) -
GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) -
GL-E750 (Mudi) -
GL-SFT1200 (Opal) -
GL-MT1300 (Beryl) -
GL-X750 (Spitz) -
GL-XE300 (Puli) -
GL-X300B (Collie) -
GL-B1300 (Convexa-B) -
GL-AR750S (Slate) -
GL-S1300 (Convexa-S) -
  1. Make sure the Router Time is just correct. If not, you shall go to SYSTEM > Time Zone and select the correct time.

  2. Enable Schedule Reboot, choose the time you want this router to reboot itself and check on the days to perform it in a week. It is recommended to select a mid-night time, since all the clients would disconnect and lose the Internet access when the router reboots.

A rather low effort subject for a HOW-TO. Something like this should just be put into the GL v4 Docs… which it already is: