How to setup the Wi-Fi Schedule on GL-iNet routers (SDK4.x)?

This post is to intruduce the Wi-Fi schedule function based on 4.X firmware. Here is a list of GL-inet routers that support 4.X firmware.

Router Model Stable Beta
GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) -
GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) -
GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) -
GL-X3000 (Spitx AX) -
GL-AX1800 (Flint) -
GL-MT2500 (Brume 2) -
GL-AR300M (shadow) -
GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) -
GL-E750 (Mudi) -
GL-SFT1200 (Opal) -
GL-MT1300 (Beryl) -
GL-X750 (Spitz) -
GL-XE300 (Puli) -
GL-X300B (Collie) -
GL-B1300 (Convexa-B) -
GL-AR750S (Slate) -
GL-S1300 (Convexa-S) -
  1. Make sure the Router Time is just correct. If not, you shall go to SYSTEM > Time Zone and select the correct time.

  2. Scroll down to find the radio you want to setup the Wi-Fi Schedule, 5GHz or 2.4GHz.

  3. Here we take 5GHz as the example, and 2.4GHz settings are just the same. Choose the Wi-Fi Scheduled Mode firstly.

  • a. Turn On/Off refers to turn on or off the Wi-Fi radio at the scheduled time. When the Wi-Fi radio is turned off, you cannot scan and connect to it.

  • b. Switch TX power refers to switch the TX power to another value at the scheduled time. For example, you can switch the TX Power to the low value in the evening when less clients connect to it, to save the power and energy.

  1. To setup the Turn On/Off mode, enable the Main or Guest Wi-Fi Schedule, then choose the time to turn on and turn off it. Check on the days you want these days to take effect and click on the Apply button. Noted that the Wi-Fi On/Off is time triggered, which means the turn on/off action would only be performed at the set time.

  2. To setup the Switch TX Power mode, enable the Main Wi-Fi Schedule, then choose the time to switch the TX power and the value you want to switch to. Check on the days you want these days to take effect and click on the Apply button. Noted that the switch action is time triggered as well.

Hi Cathy. You have written a nice group of instructions for the routers. Can you please also include which version of firmware and which routers they work with, as some of us are still forced to use 3.x firmware, as we have been waiting for more then 2 years for a version of 4.x that works on our routers. Thanks!

Another plagiarised HOW-TO. GL Docs v4:

Your post on manual S2S WG was impressive but you need to stop stealing content found in the existing GL documentation.

I think there’s been a misunderstanding. :rofl:
This tutorial is not the same as the documentation. In fact, the documentation is just a simple introduction to the feature, it is a tutorial that we are adding to the real “tutorials”.

  1. I’m sure is not a read-only server.
  2. I again point out the illogical nature of shoving HOW-TOs, especially those written by GL itself, into the same ‘dumping ground’ that is ‘Technical Support for Routers’:

(… & I’ve still yet to even bring up how a lack of tagging limits cross-discoverability.)