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Hello. I just got an AR300M16 to share content from my portable drives. I can see the portable drive on the router and can get to the files when I am logged in as admin, but how do I share that content with others? Is there an app? Do they need to be logged in as admin too? I don’t really want my friends to have configuration access to the router.

goggle for “samba software”. However, quite a steep learning curve regarding install/config.

I don’t want a learning curve. I bought this device to avoid it. I think its ready to be returned.

@Leora Select on file, and make link on GUI, it will create a share url link, then share it to others. If you want to share it to external internet, enable share on wan which is located in Share on GUI.

The portable hard drive was seen last night, but it is not seen today. i upgraded the firmware to 2.27 this morning. I doubt a firmware upgrade itself wiped this out. Is there something I am missing?

I am sure I can create the link in fiies, but my question was how does a user access that link without logging into the device as admin?

do you want to share files locally in your network or remotely to your friends?

If you share locally then it is easy. But if you want to share remotely, you need a Internet available IP address first.

I want to share locally, but there is no network. It’s only a usb hub with drives attached. The device is a router so it should create its own network

I think this is simple.

You plug in to usb devices to the hub. Make sure the hub provide enough power for the devices.

The devices will be shared via the router to the LAN. It means all devices connecting to the router can access these files via samba. If you have a windows pc, just find the network shares in your network.

if I want to have shared folders, but with these requirements: 1- you can only access these folders with a password, and 2 - make only one of these folders have read and write options from users, and others only I have read and write permissions, so users can access all folders with a password, but only one can write, and I have all the permissions, what would be the configuration in samba? Could you help me?

That is possible. But it needs some technical skills to configure.

Pls check samba docs Samba (smb) [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

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When using such “sophisticated” features like samba, I recommend first to master them on full-blown LINUX, before porting to openwrt. Will save you some hassles.