How to share internet to gl-ar150 with nano wifi pineapple installed?

Hi there,

I would like to know how to share my internet conexion with the GL-AR150 (firmware installed nano wifi pineapple) in os windows.

I followed the instructions from the video “University Wifi Pineapple” but It´s not possible for me to do it, because the GL-AR150 is not recognised as a Usb internet adapter…

I tried several things, but I am not able to get it…

Thank you so much

Just to understand better:

do you have a wifi pineapple already and want to share the its network to AR150? I mean that you want to plug nano wifi pineapple to AR150’s USB.

Or you installed nano wifi pineapple on AR150 and want to share its network?


Thank so much for reply Alzhao!!

I installed nano wifi pineapple on AR150 and I would like to have internet on this. I have my own Internet connection and I would like to share internet with Ar150. I don´t know how to sorted out this.

Thanks a lot Alzhao!!


Good for wifi pineapple on AR150.

First connect a cable from the WAN interface for AR150 to your router. I think nothing will happen.

Does wifi pineapple has a interface for network configuration? The old version has. I am not sure about the nano version.

Finally you can find a way to ssh to the router, and change network configuration, it is /etc/config/network, if you can get access to this file, post its contents.

Hi Alzhao!!

I think definitly the solution is manage the router to get internet to the AR150. I was trying this weekend at my parent´s house and , but unfortunally I couldnt access to the router because I didnt know the password of the router, but the next weekend I think I will know the password and I will be able to share the internet conection to the AR150.

In the original NANO, there is a internet adapter USB and that get easier to share the internet connection to this adapter.

In the AR150 is not possible do this because there is not internet adapter.

I expect the next weekend I will get it!!

I will tell you Alzhao!!

Cheers mate