How to start with slate?

I ordered a GL-iNetgl-AR750S-EXT from Amazon on a fellow IRV2’s advice. The setup instruction say to insert a TF card. No TF card was included. What is it for?

So, I plugged it into power, and expected to see it’s WiFi network. Nothing!

What do I do?

Thanks, Jim

You find a getting started how too on follow link:

As far as I know, some GL devices have a TF card slot, but no GL device that I know of comes with a TF card.

It can use for some thing. Ignore the TF card slot on your first days of using of the router. P.e. I didnt ever used the TF card slot on the router.

It can be the slot can be used for p.e the follow:

  • use for files which can shared by the router on your lan
  • can use by the advanced admin menu for advance your ROM space for advanced useing, if you like to use some thing which are not standard for typical user or beginner
  • It can be ( im not really shure about this point) for do some form of firmware update or restore, which are not standard and not the preferred way for typical end user or beginner

The startup doc says to connect to the device through WiFi of LAN.

But no WiFi network like GL-AR750S-xxx appears.

I don’t have a LAN device to try…

What does the mode switch do?

After playing with the mode and reset buttons I got the WiFi network to appear.

The function of mode switch can used on different ways. Thats releated on your configuration on webinterface of your router. You should be able to logon by calling the follow IP:


For more first information, luck at the paper or online manual.

It is possible, you find on forum information about people which are useing this switch on some other advanced ways too.