How to toggle 4g and 5g?

I have been doing speedtests for the last hour and my 8 year old Cat 4 Huawei is way out performing my brand new GL-X3000.
The sim I am using allows for 4g and 5g use so on the Huawei it is limited to 4g as that’s all the Huawei can use.
But on the GL-X3000 5g is enabled. So faster speeds should be available, but perhaps 5g isn’t very good in my area. So in order to do a like for like test, how do I force the GL-X3000 to only use 4g signal then I can do a more accurate comparison?

Use something called AT commands which interact with the modem module installed inside the Spitz.

Check out one of my posts where I uploaded the full manual for AT commands.

Jesus that’s programming code!! Sod that. Sending it back if it can’t do simple things and it’s not faster than an 8 year old device. Big hype, big price, small performance.

I agree that it’s not very user friendly to handle those AT commands. They are not really complicated anyway, but I can 100% understand if people just want a solution like on a phone.

Unfortunately it’s not possible right now.

@Gazza you can block the LTE bands without AT command.