How to turn off only the charging function when USB tethering iPhone to GL-MT300N

I am connecting my iPhone to GL-MT300N-V2 using USB tethering.
I want to prevent damage to the battery from constantly charging my iPhone. Is it possible to turn off only the charging function when using USB tethering?
Someone please tell me. thank you for reading.:smile:

It‘s not possible.

But it will not really hurt your phone. I mean, yes, it will, but it’s not really serious.

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Thank you for your reply.
With my usage, it stays fully charged for about 10 hours a day, but does that mean I don’t need to take it seriously?
I’ll try not to worry about it too much. :slightly_smiling_face:

On iPhone 15 they introduced a feature available on some Android phones already, to limit battery charging to 80%:
Open Settings
Battery Health & Charging
Charging Optimization
80% Limit

It was introduced with iOS 17 and will work on all iPhones running this OS.
But it won’t really limit the charging. It will instead do some magic based on location and usage.

I use old iPhone charging continuously for tethering or hotspot. I’ve had 2 iPhone batteries swell, requiring replacement. I recently am trying a $25 device called “Chargie A” made and sold by Lightly Electronics. It sits inline the charging cable and there is a Chargie phone charge limiter app that connects to it by bluetooth and lets you program a charge level. Looks like they also have an android app. I set mine to stop charging at 80% and resume at 77% charge. It looks like the app also supports scheduled charging, and looks like they also make programmable USB C charging cables. Time will tell if this will prevent battery damage.