How to update OpenWrt on Convexa B1300?


I have a question. I bought today a GL.iNET Convexa B1300, and updated to the firmware 3.211 (last), but I see the OpenWrt installed is “OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1” (when I enter in advanced, Luci)

I see on the page of the firmware this line for the 3.211:

" * 1. Supports firmware upgrades to 21.02 of OpenWRT" (GL.iNet download center)

And I see in the OpenWrt official website that this router supports the last 21.02.2 version.

So I don’t know: could I update to the last OpenWrt without loosing the GL.iNet “admin” web gui? Or must I choose between having the GL.iNet firmware based on OpenWrt 15, or installing OpenWrt 21?

Thank you!

I think the firmware 3.211 might be the last version before we release SDK4.0 which is based on OpenWrt 21. You can upgrade to 3.211 first and wait for our SDK4.0 firmware that you can still use GL web admin panel.