How to: use f2fs for flash

Quick cheat sheet I made for myself since I have to do all this (except mkfs) every time I upgrade:

go into advanced mode (luci), software
Update packages button
Filter for f2fs
install f2fs stuff

SSH in
mkdir /mnt/sda1 #or wherever you want

mkfs.f2fs /dev/sda1 #note this formats the disk!

Add line to fstab using vi or whatever:

root@GL-X750:~# cat /etc/fstab

/dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 f2fs rw,acl,active_logs=6,background_gc=on,user_xattr 0 1

mount /mnt/sda1

Is there a reason you’re using F2FS?

Have you looked into the reports of significant data-corruption issues with F2FS?

I did a quick search to pick an fs with low wear. I definitely am not an expert on it. It would be annoying to lose data but it’s just acting as a media server in my RV so the overall risk is low. It’s not the ONLY copy of Endgame :slight_smile:

Still, I’m happy to hear any recommendations from those who have thought about it longer than I have. Ext4 with journal disabled maybe?

ext4 seems to be pretty robust.

Personally, I wouldn’t disable journalling as routers tend to have the power pulled on them, and it doesn’t seem like an application that demands the absolute, top write speeds possible.