How to use Tor on 3.1?

I read many of the threads here and now I see that old plan to stop supporting Tor on 3.x is only old plan because 3.1 have Tor. Correct?

Okay so I install 3.1 firmwares. I see package “gl-tor” in softwares. But I do not see how I should use this. If I click little button on side of router, I have no changes. I have access to router at same address in web gui, and traffic does not use Tor.

What is correct method for using Tor on 3.1?

What is method to make button do triggering for Tor on/off?

Do you have this UI?

If you do have this web page in web admin,
then check enabled, then hit the apply button.

You may have to wait up to 2 minutes for tor to connect. A status of the connection will appear below ‘exit node country’ with bootstrap requiring to get to 100%

then go to to confirm

Also to make sure the *.onion address’s are resolved when using firefox then;

  1. with firefox browser goto ‘about:config’ and say yes
  2. in the search settings type ‘onion’
  3. select network.dns.blockDotOnion and set to false

to test .onion resolving got to duckduckgo on tor at:

No. There does not exist GL GUI. Only luci. I was thinking you do this for some reason. There exists only luci. There is related issue.

I set router to and I go to and redirect is happen to but because it is not exist I see 404.

MT-300A firmware 18.196.56128-9112198 (openwrt 18.06)

I do not have this web page, please see answer to alzhao. I think we are coming closer to solutions.