How to Use VPN Policy to ByPass ALL Websites from China?

I’m living in China and I’ve been using the GL-inet routers mainly for the purpose of visiting blocked websites in China.

I’ve been using the WireGuard plugin under the VPN section to unblock websites.

However, it’d be nice if I can only use VPN to visit websites that are blocked in China. I see there’s a VPN policy section where I can specify which domains/IPs can be bypassed. Is it possible to use it along with ChinaDNS or other similar services to let my WireGuard VPN to bypass ALL IPs from China? How to do it (I’m happy with command line options as well)?


i am also looking for a similar solution, thinking of using chnroute like what shadowsocks + chinadns does. could you give this a try and set to bypass these IPs.
ssh into the router and run

 wget -O- '' | awk -F\| '/CN\|ipv4/ { printf("%s/%d\n", $4, 32-log($5)/log(2)) }' > /etc/route_policy/domain_name/bypass_vpn

Hello all.

New to the forums.

I’ve managed to get WireGuard stable and secure here in China now… but unfortunately it bypasses and effectively blocks some China-based services that I need.

Has anyone in this conversation had any progress with bypassing China sites when using the VPN, using the VPN Policy or another method?

@reflector I tried your suggested script via SSH, but encountered an “unexpected ‘(’” error. Have you been able to take this script further?

Cheers all, thank you in advance.

I just reformated it so that it ca nbe a valid command.