How use wireguard over TCP or stealth protocol from protonVPN


I want to configure a wireguard vpn connection with udp over tcp or stealth protocol from protonVPN on AX1800 Flint because in Egypt country, ISP block UDP port (openvpn with tcp is block too…).

Do you have any experience to build this ?

I saw on internet and many forum but they used udpraw or udptunnel to create tunnel from endpoint A to endpoint B. Here, i want to use the vpn provider, not my VPN server.

Thank you Guys !

Hello fellow Egyptian,
The only way to do this is build wireguard-go from protonvpn github here: ProtonVPN/wireguard-go ( and compile it for arm with golang compiler, then transfer it with SCP to the router, then write a custom script that creates the VPN connection. And then the Wireguard GUI in Flint router won’t work but the vpn will work.

Thank you to the reply.

So, i have to configure to manual mode the wireguard connection ?

What does the script do exactly ? I going to search how but i think, i don’t have the skill for that. I’ll try.

Thanks !

The script will manually make the wireguard tunnel and set the routing table rules. But I’m not sure how to activate the “stealth” mode in this wireguard-go. Most probably some new wireguard configuration rules.