HowTo for MV1000 + home network DHCP + VPN server / client in the same IP home network as the FRITZ! Box

Hello, everyone,

As is well known, you can only use the VPN server / client on the MV1000 if
when the MV1000 is in router mode.
The MV1000 (FW 3.203) is currently connected to the FRITZ! Box as a cascaded router via WAN on the LAN.

Is it still possible to use the MV1000 as an IP client
to operate behind another router and that you can use the VPN server / client + AGH?

The router on the DSL Internet connection is an FBRITZ! Box 7590. The FRITZ! Box’s DHCP is for the IP range to 200 switched on.
I would like to continue to use the LAN connections on the FRITZ! Box for other AVM-FRTZ! Products (wlan repeaters, power liners, IP-telephones).

I could now switch off the DCHP of the FRITZ! Box and tell the FRITZ! Box that the DHCP for the home network is the IP of the VM1000,
but which is in the same IP address range as the FRITZ! Box.

How could I persuade the VM1000 to be DHCP (e.g. via AGH) for my home network devices and at the same time VPN client / server + AGH,
without having to register / connect all LAN / WLAN devices directly to the MV1000?

Thank you in advance for the swarm knowledge.
With best regards from Germany

If your MV1000 is connected to your main router as a client (in bridge mode), you should still use as vpn server or use AGH, but your may not use it as vpn client.

You should find IP address of MV1000, then access its web interface. Try to set up vpn server and AGH.

After that, check if you can use AGH in your local network by set up the DNS to MV1000’s IP. Of course you may need to check how to let AGH listen on MV1000’s wan Interface. I have never tried.

For vpn server, you should just set up port forward from your main router to MV1000 and it should be OK.