HOWTO: openwrt image for AR150 incl. (new ?) RTC? SOLVED

When trying to build a custom image from src using latest openwrt, I noticed, that

is obsolete:
The photos show a very different module compared to the one, I received.
And I guess, this cmd is also invalid for new type of RTC:
echo ds1307 0x68 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-0/new_device
as I could not access the hwclock, dmesg told me:
[ 104.303017] rtc-ds1307: probe of 0-0068 failed with error -5

Finally, in the release notes for 2.27 I found this notice:

New feature: RTC SD2068 driver package <

Please, update the doc for the new version of the RTC, and state:
Which modules, and how to install them are required for the new version of the RTC, when generating custom openwrt image from source ?

Please check the new docs here. Then one you posted is old docs and will be removed.

Sorry, but in official openwrt distro, there is no option to build kmod-rtc-sd2068. Pls, provide instructions how to patch build procedure. And supply code to openwrt developers for official inclusion.

source code is in github

To avoid double work, to avoid to develop my private hack to get the new version of the RTC running in official openwrt: Will you provide an official patch to openwrt ? If YES, within which timeframe ?

OK. Will upload to openwrt. but I cannot give you timeframe.

OK, fixed. It works.

Hi! I see it’s an old forum. How is the SD3077 RTC module now, is it working out of the box with the newest OpenWRT 19.7? I couldn’t find any kmod-rtc-sd2068 package…