Howto update firmware Flint GL-AX1800

Hello, I’m using a fully configured AX1800 router with VPN-server, VPN-client and AdGuardHome installed on it.
Lately I made a backup and updated the firmware but my AGH was completely vanished.

So what are the best steps to update the AX1800 and keep all the settings or restore all settings, as before the update?

Thank you.


From which version to which did you update?
Major updates (3.x → 4.x) will always destroy all config.


no, update from 4.3.0 to 4.5.0.
All my AGH was gone and because I used the DNS from AGH, I had no internet connection to download a fresh copy.
I had to change the dhcp config files, then downloading AGH and after that, reconfigure AGH completely.

grt Tom