Howto YunDiskSpaceExpander on CORE DI Board - without Arduino?

Anybody have ideas on how to use YunDiskSpaceExpander on CORE DI Board - without Arduino ?

Maybe sugestions from this Guide ? :
Rootfs on External Storage (extroot) :
[OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration
Actually, the YunDiskSpaceExpander.ino seems to give a good Instructions to follow, instead of executing it.

The rootfs on external storage guide is well-written and works every time for me. You do need to be able to edit files with vi and run a few basic commands, but otherwise it’s very straightforward and allows a painless transition to moving your entire system to run on external storage/SD. Once it’s set up it will automatically switch to using your external storage so there are no additional steps beyond the original setup. The internal flash is mounted on /rom and everything you do going forward is as if you booted directly from the external storage, with the exception of firmware upgrades.


The reason that I am asking - is more a resulting problem.

What I worry is how does it then Boot after Configured -without the SdCard ?
Say, if the SdCard gets corrupted or lost … ?

Having the SD card corrupt or missing isn’t a big deal. If it doesn’t detect and mount the SD successfully during boot it will finish booting from the internal flash, as if it wasn’t configured to boot from SD. Just insert a working SD card and reboot to get external SD mounted as the root FS again.