Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has managed to get https-dns-proxy working, I had tried openwrt and I know this exists in the repo however, it’s a more recent distribution than what is installed on this device. I’d like to avoid going stock openwrt as I like the interface for the device bu I would love to get DOH working with custom domains.

Just as some background, cloudflare have a free product called Gateway, it allows you to use a hostname for DNS over TLS, or DNS over HTTPS and you can then set which sites will and wont load. It uses the IP address (WAN) of your connection to identify you (to work out which sites it should allow and block) but if you don’t have a static WAN IP you can use hostnames which are unique and it can work out which user you are that way.

I would like to set this up on my travel router so if I am in hotels or so on, I can have some level of protection but https-dns-proxy is the only thing (so far) that I am aware of that lets you use a custom hostname rather than a fixed IP address.


I used mv1000w,when install luci-app-https-dns-proxy plugin in,show me that could not worked within the system.
You are maybe used SMARTDNS.