Https/luci-ssl support


The GL-MT300N router only seems to support http. How can I secure the web UI with https or luci-ssl?


Look for and install the luci-ssl package[]=luci&s[]=ssl


i got the luci-ssl installed (see picture),
but I still cannot connect using in my brave browser.

mine is brumeW, 3.104.

thank you.

The SSH admin access is always SSL-encrypted by default)

  1. opkg update

  2. opkg install luci-ssl

  3. /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

  4. you can now access the web admin GUI by using

Still FAIL after I tried the above from openwrt:

pls help.
using HTTP is no good, all the other devices on my LAN can tap me.

oh after I installed luci-openssl it removed me from my GL inet UI,

I better stop playing with this.

I have to reset my router.

hope later HTTPS could be used.