HTTPS Remote Access Slate AX over Wireguard

I have a Slate AX behind my main router. I have a Wireguard server running on the Slate AX and I am able to connect to the Wireguard server with a Wireguard client running on a different travel router. However, I am not able to remotely access the Slate AX. I have “Enable HTTPS Remote Access” enabled. I have tried port forwarding on my main router (I think port 53?), but nothing seems to work. What am I missing?

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none of these are needed if you connect by using Wireguard.
As soon as you are connected by Wireguard you will act like you are an internal network user - so no need for any port forwarding or other things.

Are you able to ping the router you want to connect to?
How do you try to connect by HTTPS? Just browser, entering the IP and that’s it?

Edit because this is marked as solution: Just use the internal IP of the router instead.

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I’m connected to my travel router’s Wifi and have a connection to the WireGuard server. I then navigate to my browser and try the DDNS address of my Slate AX.

This won’t work that way. Just use the internal IP of the router instead.

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Oh, that worked! I assume I can turn off “Enable HTTPS Remote Access” and all port forwarding then?


Since the wireguard VPN works like a … well … VPN, you don’t need anything else.

Thank you very much, @admon !

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No problem, please don’t forget to mark the answer as solution :slight_smile:

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@admon one follow-up… I still need port forwarding on the main router (51820) in order for Wireguard to work, correct?

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Yup. As long as your GL.iNET router is behind another one, you will need this on server side