Huawei Dongle connection problem

Hello Guys

I have Gl-Inet Beryl 1300 and Huawei e3372 dongle connected with sim card. My firmware of the router was recently updated on 3.211. I have installed Luci interface and in thethering eth 1 i have find out if i restart this interface my connection is working fine. I am being lot of time disconnected from internet and i would like to make my connection smooth. I am also realizing if the signal of my Isp is low the connection is slow, but particularly i would happy if i will get help with dongle router connectivity because my previous problem with the tethering connectivity was to change the Ip adress of the router and dongle as well and i think it is not working as it supposed to be.

Thank you

Can you post the System Log and Kernel Log before and after when the disconnection occurs?

Also check that the power adapter is 5V/3A and use external antennas on the dongle.

Try to see if E3372 has settings to disable 2G and only reseve 3G and 4G.