Huawei E3372h-320 with GL-MT1300 Beryl?

Hi all,
I’ve seen a few other topics about my issue, however the solutions did not work for me (yet).

I’m trying to use a Huawei E3372h-320 with my GL-MT1300 Beryl router. The dongle works on my laptop, however so far no luck with my Beryl (firmware 4.3.2 beta1).

What have I tried:

  • reset of dongle
  • change subnet of the Beryl from to

What works:

  • dongle on laptop
  • tethering with a phone on the same SIM card
  • access via Beryl (indicating the dongle is active on the router)

Any suggestions what I can try to get the LTE dongle working?

I’d keep the Beryl’s subnet to 7.1; it looks like the stick itself defaults to in some sort of ‘router mode’.

Stick: This version is designed for the embedded Linux host devices (such as
gateways) for business customers, supporting interface specifications
designed in this document. The PnP feature in the preceding list is
applicable only when the USB stick is used on a PC running Windows (for
software updates via WebUI). When being applied to an embedded Linux
host device, the corresponding driver must be installed on the device in

(p. 7, HUAWEI E3372h-320 LTE USB Stick Product Description, Issue 03, 2020-05-22)

Okay, so where does one get the Linux ‘drivers’ (in Linux parlance kernel modules aka kmods)? This looks promising:

HOWTO use a Huawei E3372 on OpenWRT

OpenWrt Linux is underlying OS that GL builds their GUI on. I’d consider downgrading to the stable firmware if any ‘strange’ issues start showing up… beta is beta for a reason, after all. YMMV.