HW offload for wifi on b1300

Hey guys!

Does the B1300 have some sort of hardware core to offload all the wifi processing to? This way if I use a VPN and wifi at the same time - I can utilize 100% of the CPU for the VPN? Because at the moment if I do VPN and wifi - I get lower speeds, as the wifi is eating up some precious resources.

I am running on 18.06.2 at the moment.


If you use our stock firmware, it already has some features to boost the wifi performance. However if you use opensource wifi driver I think all wifi data will be dealt with CPU.

As B1300 has 4 cores it should do a pretty good job on this.

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@alzhao If I use the imagebuilder - will that be the factory one, with the said drivers? And if so - which version of OpenWRT does it run? And can you please give me a link to the correct imagebuilder?

Thank you!

this is the imagebuilder

this is the sdk


They are using an older version of openwrt cc1505. We have newer version with kernel 4.4.60 but not yet finished to compile.

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Judging by the age of that - would it support wireguard? And how does one go to add it? I need the non-gl themed ones.
I am used to compiling from openwrt directly, so its a bit confusing for me :slight_smile: Thanks for helping me out!

we have wireguard on that. Just need to compile.

Maybe you can just wait for our update. We will update once we release firmware 3.x for B1300

Sounds good. I do have over 150 devices out, and want to make sure they run as they are supposed to. Do you have an approximate ETA on when it will be out?

Thank you.