I can’t access Google from my gl.inet router

Hi everyone,

I have my ISP Router from AT&T, and it’s configured to do a pass through to my Gl.inet router.

Att router is on the 192.168.1.x network
Gl router on the 192.168.8.x default ip, and configured as a router.

For some reason I can only access google.com and a Few other pages using my gl.inet router if I’m connected using a VPN, and I don’t know why.

If I connect directly to the Att router google.com works fine, same if I use my iPhone through 5G or 4g lte.

I ran out of ideas of what else could be the issue. I turned off the Adblock service from the router, and it didn’t make any difference.

Thanks for the help.

Sounds like an issue with your VPN then. Which do you use and do they have some “privacy” features to block Google for example?

(And on the other hand: Some websites block VPN as well)

Thanks for the quick reply. I have NordVPN, the basic package, which is not blocking ads or trackers.

With NordVPN it works fine. Without the VPN google.com does not open.

So I wouldn’t think the issue is with NordVPN

Does your DNS work correctly while you are disconnected from NordVPN?

With the vpn turned off is working fine for other sites. Somehow gmail .com does work, but not google .com

What I am thinking? Problem with dns or gl router has modify host file? Like Google.com :thinking:

Thanks for replying, that’s what I thought, but I do have the default DNS which it’s actually google DNS

Try changing DNS to and update us

This might be of interest, it suggests DNS is at fault