I have noticed the Spitz AX (GL-X3000) runs very warm/hot is it normal?

I am only using the 5G cellular capabilities, WIFI is OFF, it is connected via an ethernet cable to my main router, who is handling all the client devices.

On the System Overview section the temperature fluctuates between 53C-58C, but at the touch on the outside is always very hot, is this normal?

I have a beryl AX and the fans lowest setting is 70c. No problems yet. I also have a 5g phone as a fallback. That requires it’s own fan on warm days as it will overheat and shut itself down… So yes, they get hot.

It will be interesting if we can change (maybe via the CLI) the lowest temperature to activate the fan to less than 70C, I would prefer to have to fan running all the time, with a lower running temperature

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For that I bought a laptop cooler. I also put my 6tb hdd on it as that can get a bit toasty too… Usb coolers are so handy. I got them from fleabay.