I have problems with internet connections with my Flint router

Basically the issue is that I have connectivity issues on normal use. It seems that the connections drops at random times. For example, on a teams call i cut off every two words, or sometimes pages take forever to load. I found some posts about disabling ipv6 (which I did) and I also disabled wifi 6 in the wifi panel. I tried changing DNS and messing with wifi channel but nothing seem to work.
This happens without VPN or Adguard.

Which version of firmware are you using?

I don’t understand this part of your operation. Flint shouldn’t have IPv6 enabled by default. It also doesn’t have a WiFi6 switch. Maybe you are referring to not choosing a Wi-Fi mode that includes ax?

You shouldn’t have those issues(Flint QOS is pretty good right out of the box) and it may be your ISP. Try running a wired internet speed test Loaded(all devices up and active) on fast.com. Click more info. You can also run a Unloaded(One device connected background services off) speed test on Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test - Waveform

If you are using wireless try a different channel could be a congested airspace and you are getting interference.

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