I need to configure L2TP/IPSec client on my Mudi V2 (GL-E750V2C6)


I want to use a device to be connected from my home’s IP whenever I work remotely anywhere in the world so I’ve bought a Mudi V2 (GL-E750V2C6).

I need to configure L2TP/IPSec client on my device, the server is on my internet provider’s router. Here are the settings on my Orange Livebox Pro 6 (french provider) :

I don’t have any other option, I can only use a L2TP/IPSec VPN.

How should I do ?

Well, it’s not supported the easy way - you will need to utilise SSH and luci for it: [OpenWrt Wiki] Libreswan L2TP/IPsec or maybe [OpenWrt Wiki] IPsec Modern IKEv2 Road-Warrior Configuration

My personal advice: Dump the ISPs router or upgrade to a newer router that supports modern VPN solutions.

Is there any hardware I can add to my ISPs router ? It’s impossible to dump or upgrade… I will have to change my ISP, but I have a subscription for 1 year at least.

Disagree. IPSec Ikev2 is much stable and versatile than other protocols. Of course it needs technical tinkering!

But it’s pretty often blocked in Hotels and free Wi-Fis.

That’s true because they can detect the default ports 4500/500.

Should I return it ? I think there is no solution

Solutions and links have been provided to you ! You just need to get your hands dirty!

Seems most of the new router comes with Openvpn or Wireguard already.

It will be much much easier if you shift to the new protocols.